1. Cheesecake combines two of my favorite things: cheese and cake.

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  2. Messing with Google - zombie fitness edition

    "Dead man walking" - 3,100,000 search results on Google
    "Dead man running" - 412,000 search results
    "Dead man waltzing" - 87 search results
    "Dead man crawling" - 72 search results
    "Dead man marching" - 60 search results
    "Dead man wandering" - 40 search results
    "Dead man strolling" - 27 search results
    "Dead man hopping" - 24 search results
    "Dead man jogging" - 21 search results
    "Dead man hiking" - 9 search results
    "Dead man hitchhiking" - 4 search results
    "Dead man pacing" - 4 search results
    "Dead man tap-dancing" - 4 search results
    "Dead man square-dancing" - zero search results

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  3. Messing with Google - the messenger edition

    "Don’t shoot the messenger" - 6,270,000 search results on Google
    "Don’t stab the messenger" - 10,600 search results
    "Don’t strangle the messenger" 35 - search results
    "Don’t drown the messenger" - 7 search results
    "Don’t run over the messenger" - 5 search results
    "Don’t defenestrate the messenger" - 2 search results
    "Don’t poison the messenger" - 1 search result
    "Don’t irradiate the messenger" - zero search results

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  4. Stars of the Lone Star State

    I had forgotten how much I missed the stars. The other day I looked up as I was leaving for work. (Before the sunrise, as I always do.) The sight above shocked me: beautiful points of pure light scattered across the low, dark Texan sky. Those were the first stars I had seen in years…

    That was quite likely the biggest reminder of just how much Nevada had changed me, altered me in ways I can neither imagine nor comprehend. That is something most people do not know about Las Vegas: it has no stars. The overabundance of light pollution from neon signs and casinos blocks out everything except the moon. The self-proclaimed city of sin is separated from the rest of the world by the desert; from the rest of the universe by its ego. A microcosm. A snow globe filled with sand.

    I cannot help but wonder what subtle, hidden impact the utter lack of stars has on city dwellers. Is it at all possible that the Bronze Age sheep herders enjoyed more balanced, happier (though infinitely shorter) lives simply because they could fall asleep beneath the beauty of the Milky Way? Most of the world may never even know such view exists. The price of progress…

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  5. I want to buy a few shares of Precision Castparts just so I could tell people that I’m a PCP dealer.

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  6. I didn't choose the math life, the math life chose me.

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  7. Quote of the day

    "They weren’t the attractive Flipper kind of dolphins. They were regular dolphins that aren’t as pretty and don’t get cast on television. Maybe they just refused to sell out and see a plastic surgeon. I held up a fist to them. Represent."
    Jim Butcher, “Small Favor” (Book 10 of the Dresden Files)

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  8. Ephemeral; eternal

    People come and go.

    Empires rise, fall and crumble.

    Bacon never dies.

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  9. Life in Texas

    My favorite thing about living in Texas so far: starting messages to West Coast friends with “I’m texting you from the future!”

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  10. Adios, Las Vegas

    Pretty pretty lights

    All fade away behind me

    As I travel south.

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